Berkeley County VFD

Protect with Pride

Become a Volunteer Firefighter

​Ready to become a volunteer firefighter in Berkeley County? Here is the process:

  1. Complete application with local fire department - Each fire department has their own volunteer application. Volunteer applications can be found at each of the department pages.
  2. Pass criminal background check - Background checks are required for every Berkeley County Volunteer Firefighter.
  3. Pass NFPA 1582 physical - Firefighting is a job that requires extraordinary physical fitness. NFPA code 1582 helps outline the standards to make sure firefighters are performing at their best. Download the Application for Physical.
  4. Station Orientation - Upon passing of background check and physical, volunteers will be oriented with the station in which they will be serving.
  5. Fitted for Personal Protective Equipment - New recruits will receive brand new turnout gear after the completion of their required training.
  6. Complete Training